Human Trafficking In The Uk Essay

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Nobody knows the true numbers, but estimates that 2.5 million children, men, and womens are trafficked within their home countries. Modern slavery is an international crime involving a lot of countries.The traffickers and the organized crime groups use whatever that I son their disposal to deceive and force the persons to a life with abuse, servitude and inhumane treatment. The potential victims refered to the National Referral Mechanisms in 2014 were reported from 112 countries of origin .
The UK continues to be a world leader in fighting trafficking and has a strong international reputation in this field, the governments of the Uk has taken many practical measures to combat trafficking and believes that is necessary to improve international coöperation in the investigation and prosecution of human trafficking. To bring effective leadership in the United Kingdom the CSJ recommends that the government
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-Provide powers to enable police and Border Force to act where it is suspected that human trafficking or forced labour is taking place on board vessels at sea. -Introduce vital new tools to restrict the activity of criminals who have been convicted of modern slavery offences.
-Consolidate ans simplify existing modern slavery offences into one Act to provide clarity and focus when prosecuting traffickers and salve masters.
Some organizations that help UK with anti-slavery:
Anti- slavery “Today´s fight for tomorrow´s freedom”: is a committed to eradicating all forms of slavery throughout the world including forced labour, trafficking of humans and the worst children labour. They work to respond to slavery in a holistic way, they collect information about these human rights abuses, identify the ways in which abuses can be brought to an end, support victims of
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