Human Trafficking Is A Criminal Act And Violates Human Rights

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A young African girl, Gracie, was persuaded into having sex with strange men and packaging illegal drugs, all under the watch of child traffickers. Gracie’s family was murdered when she was eleven years old; shortly thereafter, an older man claimed to be a friend of her deceased family. This man brought her to a home where Gracie was forced to engage in sex with men she’d never met; “sometimes it was 3 or 4 men a day” (NSPCC).
Each year, “600,000 to 800,000 people are trafficked across international borders;” half of those people are children (“11 Facts”). Human trafficking is a criminal act and violates human rights; it is especially devastating to children. Countless innocent children and families are impacted by Child Trafficking
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In other instances, child traffickers hook the family’s interest with talk of a better future; then, bribery and/or threats are used. Normally, in the more recent years, “families will be asked for payment towards the ‘service’ a trafficker is providing” (NSPCC). By paying for the child’s plane ticket to a new country or providing he/she with connections, it only seems fair for the parents of the minor to come up with a service payment. However, this is all a form of manipulation by the trafficker, because they are not actually looking to better the life of the child that they are indeed smuggling. The only interest is the money that is exchanged, and the innocent families in this situation are oblivious to that fact.
Due to child trafficking, the “average age a teen enters the sex trade in the U.S. is 12 to 14 years old” (“11 Facts”). This statistic is mainly due to child traffickers forcing their victims into prostitution. Intimidating minors into sex trade is a horrible trend among human trafficking and has become the norm. All the more, Gracie’s story gets worse; after a long two years, she was taken away by another man and was illegally smuggled into a foreign country. There, the man locked her in a room inside a brothel and coerced her to prostitute sex to men, as well as package drugs for local drug dealers (NSPCC). After Gracie managed to break free from this abusive environment, she was put in jail for fraudulent behaviors because of her fake
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