Human Trafficking Is A Form Of Modern Day Slavery

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Modern Times Slaves Human trafficking is a form of modern day slavery where its perpetrators profit from control, exploitation, coercion and defrauding of others through forced labor, or sexual exploitation and in some cases both. Sexual exploitation is the most prevalent form of human trafficking especially in the United States. Even though accurate statistics are rare in this field, those currently existing approximate that massive numbers of women and girls are sold for sexual exploitation within America’s human trafficking industry, which is worth an estimate of $ 9.5bn (Kelly, p.1). Additionally, the US Department of justice reveals that 300,000 children are at a risk of being sold into this inhumane and highly exploitative industry (Kelly, p.1). In the United States sex trafficking commonly takes place in the streets, residential brothels, brothels disguised as massage parlors and spas, online escorts services, truck stops, strip clubs, motels, hotels and anywhere else that is conducive for the trade to thrive. In addition to the inhumane treatment and extreme hardships that victims of sex trafficking are subjected to, all victims of sexual exploitation share one common experience, which is the loss of their freedom. This paper is a demonstration of how victims of sex trafficking in pursuit of lucrative jobs, education or loving romantic relationships, unknowingly and unwillingly trade off their freedom and freewill to perpetual bondage characterized by drugs, sex
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