Human Trafficking Is A Form Of Modern Day Slavery

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Human trafficking is a form of modern day slavery that supplies human beings for prostitution, sweatshop labor, domestic work, marriage, agricultural work, armed conflicts (child soldiers), and other forms of labor or services (Advances in Human Resources). Many people think this is a problem only foreign countries have to face. The reality is that human trafficking occurs in every country. In fact, the United States is one of the top ten destinations for human trafficking operations – there have been reports of trafficking in over 90 U.S. cities (Hidden in Plain Sight). It is important to note that people of all races, ages, and genders are vulnerable to this phenomenon. According to the article Hidden in Plain Sight by Stephanie Hepburn, “Women and girls make up 56% of persons trafficked for the purposes of forced labor while men and boys make up 44%. In terms of those trafficked for the purposes of forced commercial sexual exploitation, women and girls make up 98% and men and boys comprise 2%. Lastly, children constitute 40–50% of the overall forced labor population.” When most people think of human trafficking, they think that prostitution is the main moneymaker for those committing the crime. However, it seems that more and more of the operations are set to put people to work doing rigorous agricultural, construction, or other types of work. “There are 12.3 million victims of forced labor and commercial sexual exploitation worldwide at any given time. Forty-three
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