Human Trafficking Is A Global Issue

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Following the development of globalization, human trafficking is getting worse and worse. The human trafficking is a global issue that everybody should care about. Lots of young people become a victim of human trafficking, whether in developing countries or developed countries. Some organizations and governments are beginning to solve this problem, but it is very hard to complete. Human trafficking, which is no respecter of national frontiers, is considered as a serious crime that has disturbed many countries for several centuries. In terms of definition of human trafficking, it should accord with following three constitutive elements. The first is that it is intended for exploit, which not only including exploitation, but also the enslavement, physical exploitation and organ transplant. Second is using extra-legal means such as intimidation, violence, compulsion or taking advantage of other weaknesses. The last is those victims were recruited, transported, transferred or hided. According to a report, the most common of human trafficking is sexual exploitation, which accounted for 79% of total number of whole human trafficking. Women already make up the majority of victims, of course, most traffickers are women too. The second common form of human trafficking is forced labor, which makes up 18 % of the total. However, this may be different from the actual situation because sexual exploitation often occurred in cities or along the highways and is easier to detect, but the
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