Human Trafficking Is A Grave Crime And A Serious Violation Of Human Rights

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Humana Trafficking
Human trafficking refers to the practice of recruiting, transferring, transporting, receiving, or harboring people through the use of force, threat, or other forms of abduction, coercion, deception, fraud, as well as abuse of power or vulnerability position (Segrave 2). Human trafficking is a grave crime and a serious violation of human rights as it involves a broad range of human exploitations, including forced labor, sexual exploitation, slavery practices, as well as servitude acts (Arhin 78). Several women, men, and children fall into the traffickers ' hands both in their countries and abroad. In fact, almost every world 's country is affected by acts of human trafficking, either as a country of origin,
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According to ILO 's estimation, about 22 million victims of human trafficking are trapped in modern-day slavery (Segrave 4). According to ILO, about 68 percent of such victims get exploited for labor, 22 percent get sexually abused, and 10 percent undergo state-imposed forced labor. Besides, human trafficking stands as one of the fastest-growing trans-national criminal activities today despite being condemned by international conventions as a violation of human rights (Segrave 6). Additionally, according to ILO, about 400,000 people enter into Europe annually as illegal immigrants, while about 850,000 find their way into the United States annually as a result of human trafficking (Davy 322). The United States recently approximated that 700,000 to 900,000 people get trafficked internationally every year, of which 50 percent are minors, 80 percent are women, with about 75 percent of the females getting smuggled for commercial sexual exploitation. Human trafficking is, therefore, a widespread activity that significantly affects the most vulnerable group in the society such as women and children (Davy 323).
Why I am Against Human Trafficking Human trafficking has become a global industry that incorporates millions of people every year and generates billions of dollars in annual turnover despite being an illegal practice. Human trafficking result in a

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