Human Trafficking Is A Modern Form Of Slavery

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Human Trafficking is one of the 3 largest criminal industries that take advantage of victims through slavery, organ trade, sexual exploitation and forced labor. Usually a victim is legally transferred to another country so that the people of this crime are benefited financially. Human Trafficking has become a modern form of slavery. When people hears the word ‘slavery,’ it is a harsh reality for many people who finds themselves bought and sold like objects, and treated with no dignity. Human Trafficking is like slavery due to the same method of transportation against their will to another country to benefit others. It not only involves women but also men and children, however, it is mostly known for selling women. These victims are usually kidnapped, drugged or raped and then transported to another country to be used as sex slaves. When these victims are taken away, method of extreme violence is used which slavery is the same concept. When they’re being used as sex slaves, the traffickers physically and mentally assault their victims in order to bring down their pride, dignity and ones self worth. Sex Trafficking is not just a country problem but a global problem that people should be aware of everyday. When we see young women and girls in the street, we sometimes turn our head away and think they’re just doing it because they want to. Yet, we don’t take the time to think what if they were forced into doing this? No one knows the estimate number and growth of the…
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