Human Trafficking Is A Sinful Deed

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Introduction Human trafficking is a sinful deed, whereby the trade of humans takes place. The trafficker mostly aims at availing the human services for illegal purposes against their will. The services aimed by the dealer are forced as mentioned earlier and mainly include forced sex slave, forced labor, or prostitution for the sake of earning money using humans completely out of moral bounds. The kinds of acts included in the human trafficking may be the one of providing a spouse in case of forced marriage or even the physical withdrawing of tissues. It is sad, but true that there exist no bound to the human trafficking as it may occur nationally or internationally. It is indeed a criminal offense because it results in a breach of human rights and involves the misuse of their body. There exists no condition pertinent to the movement concerning the human trafficking as it may occur at the residence of the forced personnel (Kempadoo, et. al, 2015). Human smuggling is similar to human trafficking regarding profitability and their completion demand the involvement of a criminal network. The difference is that the human smuggling is an illegal movement of human across the countries, whereas the human trafficking may result in legal or illegal movement. The major difference is that the human trafficking is the crime against an individual, whereas the human smuggling is the crime against the state. Apart of similarities and differences, these two are treated and cured separately.

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