Human Trafficking Is An Issue

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While many feel that slavery is no longer existent, it still is very popular, and it’s human trafficking. Human trafficking is an issue everywhere, but it has always been a major issue in Bangladesh. Human trafficking is still an issue because it 's still legal in some areas, and the government doesn 't make an effort to help the young women and children who are as young as twelve in the trafficking business. The truth is, human trafficking is happening right in front of our faces, and in every country.These people are taken out of their regular lives and tricked into going to a different country. They are promised a high paying job, one to provide for themselves or loved ones, only to be let down. In order to help provide assistance and services to trafficking victims, we are proposing that more shelters should be opened for them, and health care and vaccines or medicine should be provided to stop the spread of disease. Human Trafficking has been around for as long as one can remember, but in the 1980’s it became a serious problem. There are five different branches; debt bondage or bonded labor, forced labor or labor exploitation, human trafficking, migrant smuggling, and sex trafficking. While each one has its own characteristics, they have one thing in common. That thing is slavery. Many researchers believe trafficking became a huge issue when an estimated 9.5 million people from Africa were taken to work in the colonies in North and South America. In, Human

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