Human Trafficking Is An Issue That Has Been Influencing Our Nation For Years?

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Meghan Salinas Professor Purcell English 101 paper 30 September 2015 Human Trafficking in Greece (Rough Draft) Human trafficking is an issue that has been influencing our nation for years. So many people out strive to take advantage of women and strip us of our human rights. Traffickers deceive desperate people whose dream of being freed from poverty is transformed into the worst of nightmares. Greece 's European Union membership, coupled with a shared border with Turkey, which means the country sees massive flows of illegal immigrants looking to enter the EU. Traffickers use Greece as a destination and transit stop on the way to Western Europe. Lambros Kanellopoulos is a very generous man who is the president of the UN children’s agency Unicef in Greece spoke out and said, “Greece 's status as a Trafficking hub can be attributed to two factors: its geographical location, and its ineffective prevention and prosecution procedures.” According to the United Nations Global Compact statistics show in 2006 there were 5,808 prosecutions and 3,160 convictions throughout the world. Those numbers tell us that for every 800 people trafficked, only one person has been convicted in that year. With a problem like human trafficking, victims don’t have a voice. They believe and “accept” the situation due poor choices and ways out of poverty. Many women from Albania, Belarus, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Georgia, Nigeria, and countries in Asia are

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