Human Trafficking Is Not A New Phenomenon

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Many human rights have been established around the world in order to protect each individual and give them their rights as long as they apply justice and respect the laws. Unfortunately, violating of human rights is still done internationally and secretly. The worst part about this issue is that big profits are made from cruel acts done with mostly innocent individuals. Human trafficking is not a new phenomenon. It has been occurring around the globe for centuries. (Davidson 2010) Nowadays, with the advancement of computer technology, social media, it is really easy to trick someone by taking their precious and private information and take them away from their friends, family and everyday lifestyle. From then, it becomes an absolute nightmare in many possible ways. Either the victim is used for sex, organ stealing or harvesting, slavery, poverty, exploitation in the labor world (working without being paid), illegal scientific experiments, to force joining gang members, and many other possible reasons. (Davidson 2010) Sadly, most of them do not survive. For those who do, years of therapy, family and peer support as well as time are the only ways victims can fully return to their everyday life and habits. The purpose of this research is to explore the subject of human trafficking in geographical and sociological perspectives.
Human trafficking, in the social world, is a big subject that has many various branches. One of them consists of the ways predators seek, attract and…
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