Human Trafficking Is The Modern Day Form Of Slavery

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Human Trafficking in America

Cindy Vann

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Social Science 180
Diversity in the United States

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November 14, 2015


I hereby certify that: this term paper, entitled Human Trafficking in the United States, is exclusively the result of my own original library research, thinking, and writing. I wrote this paper for Social Science 180 to satisfy the requirement. No part of the paper was copied or paraphrased from any source except as attributed and cited fully herein.

Cindy Vann

Date: November 14, 2015

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In the next pages, this paper will be examining on the facts and statistics of human trafficking, the approximated number of victims trapped in the network, as well as deaths. Following that, I will be discussing on the motives in the reasoning behind human trafficking and why it is such a huge part of society. After that, I will talk about actions our government has taken to put an end to this human cruelty. The laws enforced by our government on the situation does not put a stop to human trafficking, however, there is hope that the human traffickers will soon get caught and locked away. With that, there will be decreasing numbers in the illegal human trade network. As I learned more about the topic of human trafficking I am now more aware of the increased dangers and risk innocent women, men and young children face everyday, including myself. I am disgusted to know that something like this is going on in our own neighborhood, hopefully as the topic of human trafficking is heard, there will be more justice for these victims.
To begin with, human trafficking is all over society, victims are treated as inferior and powerless as they are under the control of their abusers; this type of action can be classified as a form of slavery. Human trafficking usually involves illegal trading of women, men and children. Some victims are imported from other countries to the United States with fake passports and Visa’s; others
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