Human Trafficking Is The Unlawful Movement Of People

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Human trafficking is the unlawful movement of people normally for commercial sex exploitation or forced labor purposes. Trafficking in persons that is the modern type of slavery has raised public concern and attention increasingly. The international and United States law defines human trafficking also known as trafficking in persons as encircling two different types of illegal activity, for instance, sexual exploitation and forced labor. Considering the economic situation and the geographical location of Mexico, it becomes clearly one of the source and point of entry for approximately eighteen thousand individuals trafficked each year into the United States (Shelley, 2010). Therefore, looking a large number of immigrants in the United…show more content…
Human trafficking entails coercion or deception or both of another person for the intention of sexual, labor of other types of humiliation, unlike the smuggling of people. In several circumstances, traffickers acquire and retain control of the victim through the excuse of debt oppression. During trafficking, the victims remain helpless since they have to rely on the dealers for survival in terms of food and water. They have to submit to them and remain loyal lest they will be thrown in the way or assaulted and raped. Victims are frequently emotionally and physically abused into obedience through confinement, forced drug use, violent threats, starvation, gang rapes, and horrific beatings. Women and men of all nationalities are usually the abusers of these victims, and in the mainly hard situations, sufferers are socialized to become dynamic partakers and traffickers themselves. Researches and reports of cases of human trafficking documented below exemplify the diversity of this occurrence in the Mexican-United States context (Shelley, 2010). Forced Labor and Labor Exploitation is one of the main faces of human trafficking. Most individual trafficked or smuggled are for the purposes of forced labor and labor exploitation. Even though several undocumented employees hired or recruited by United States employers agree to position with poor living conditions, long hours, poor working conditions, and unlawful wages. The enormous
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