Human Trafficking Is Wrong And Irrational

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A girl named Jessi was walking down the streets of Reno City, homeless after being discharged from the army. Soon, she began using drugs, and her drug dealer told her to prostitute to make money. This is a problem today around the world. Women think it’s okay to be a prostitute because it earns them money. Well, it’s the total opposite of that, according to victims of this terrible wrongdoing. Human trafficking is wrong and irrational, because it publicly embarrasses women, causes problems in their life, and can end up killing the females if it is continued. Prostitution is a lot more than it seems to be. Prostitution is known as the “world’s oldest profession” and involves the sexual exploitation of women or children. Many victims of the horrible business are forced to “sell” their bodies to men and women for sexual relations. Over a hundred years ago, sex trade was tolerated and was allowed on the streets of American cities. Today, this practice is done throughout the U.S., despite it being illegal in forty-nine states. However, many violators of this law are never arrested for the crimes they committed. They kidnap or recruit women and adolescents for this industry, because these are the most vulnerable. There are different reasons why these individuals are pressured into morbid acts like this. Some factors that affect the decision to make people prostitutes can be as simple as unemployment and wanting money. Most women go into sex trafficking because of drugs, shelter,

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