Human Trafficking Modern Form Of Slavery

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Human trafficking modern form of slavery
Human trafficking is the modern day equivalent of slavery and must be recognized as such by the society if this transnational crime has to be knocked out. We all know what labor trafficking is “its everywhere but still nowhere”. Labor trafficking or forced labor, describes the practice of using fear, coercion or deceit to force an individual to work in return for a bare level of survival, allowing the perpetrator to profit from the situation. It’s shocking that we are still unaware of the fact that it has become one of the worlds third largest criminal industries bringing annual revenue of almost 32 billion dollars. This industry takes advantage of innocent people through slavery, organ trade, sexual exploitation and forced labor, but nothing drives the passion and stirs the emotion, especially in the United States, more than the horrendous stories of modern-day human slavery. Whether sexual, domestic, or labor, the terror and horror that human trafficking victims have endured defies the scope of our sensitivities. Most who work in human service fields have heard many stories of these survivors. We have heard of the dedication of the practitioners and law enforcement officers who are involved in the apprehending, and prosecution of offenders, and advocate for victims in these very complex cases. To realize that this may be happening in our own towns and neighborhoods, invisible to us as we go about our daily comfortable lives.
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