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Many girls dream of having a better life, so they agree to come across other countries. One of the goal they have is to provide their family financially. However, they never realize that their dreams could be shattered by the crime Human Trafficking. Human trafficking is the illegal trade in human beings for the purposes of reproductive slavery, commercial sexual exploitation. The word "trafficking" includes the word "traffic," which means with transportation or travel. However, the words look and sound alike, but it does not hold the same meaning. It is also considered a forced labor, or a modern-day form of slavery. It is considered to be the second largest crime. Human trafficking does not require the physical movement of a person, but…show more content…
The trafficker takes away the basic human rights of the victim: the freedom to move, to choose, to control her body and mind, and to control her future. Moreover, women and children are used for labor trafficking. There are mainly two types of labor trafficking which are bond labor and forced labor. One form of coercion is the use of a bond, or debt. Bonded labor is a form of debt slavery that is when an individual begins to work for another person who lend debt to the worker. It is also known as debt slavery. Once an individual is bonded labor, some individuals cannot get out of it. Bonded labor begins when an individual borrow money and agrees to work in exchange for the money. The holder is also consider a master, who lend money to people. Often the master keeps the individual with him to keep an eye on him, so he/she can work and repay the debt. Also, it is common for the individuals family to work for the master because of the debt situation. Even though some of those individuals did not borrow the money, they are still considered as slaves. The reason of bonded labor for the individual holding the debt is to get a cheap labor. In most situations, if the slave dies before the debt is repaid, the rest of the family will still have to continue working for the master or debt holder until the debt is paid off. In some cases, those individuals who are under debt borrow money from other masters to pay off the debt but this increases the debt and gives the

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