Human Trafficking

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PSYCHOLOGICAL EFFECTS OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING 1 Psychological Effects of Human Trafficking Jason Danjou Seminole State College of Florida PSY 2012 PSYCHOLOGICAL EFFECTS OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING 2 Abstract This paper is on the Psychological effects that Human Trafficking has on a society and the individual. It will describe stories of experiences and stories of hard ache. As this is not only a major factor here in the United States but is also a major factor and issue around the world. I will briefly describe the national and worldly effect that this may have on the way people are treated on an everyday occurrence and how sheltered people, mainly women have become. PSYCHOLOGICAL EFFECTS OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING 3…show more content…
It really is a sad way to live a life. You might be asking what are the psychological effects that a person might go trough during this. Whether before, during or after something like this may happen. If you look at a person before something happens to them they are more than likely happy and enjoying life with PSYCHOLOGICAL EFFECTS OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING 5 friends and family. They may have a good job and are looking toward the future that they may have. That person has no idea that someone is watching their every move and studying them to catch on to their habits. In a blink of an eye sometimes their life will be turned upside down and they will never be the same again. During the time of the trafficking, while being put through either prostitution or slavery, they have a sense of self demoral and a feeling that life will never be the same. They have to do what is told of them in order to live or even to make it to the next day. The after effects are not very well known only because women usually do not make it through this process and are killed in order to cover up any wrong doing on the part of the people or organization in charge. You have to remember as well it is never just one person in charge; it is usually a larger group that is telling others what is expectant of them. Many organizations are running their operations out of hostiles and keep a very

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