Human Trafficking Problem In The United States

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Human Trafficking is the illegal act of manipulating humans to engage into sexual acts for money against their will (NHTRC). Human Trafficking has been a extensive conflict throughout our societies among countries. This topic is very crucial because Human Trafficking is considered the modern form of slavery. Due to the global rate of Human Trafficking increasing over the past few years, the United States government is alarmed. The government fears crimes, displacement, and retaliation within families. Human Trafficking has progressed over the past hundreds of years beginning initially with slavery in the 1400s-1600s, to currently rape and smuggling humans from foreign countries. Human Trafficking has become oppressive due to the government’s lack of laws, regulations, and immigration policies, which need enhancements with more specifics to provide further prevention. People participate in Human Trafficking because it generates an enormous profit every year. Countries are immensely reliant on terrorism as their excuse for global issues. “Every foreign issue has domestic ramifications, and the country lives in a seemingly permanent ‘Global War on Terrorism’” (Rizer 74). Our security regulations are conceivably…show more content…
“These laws were designed to prevent child abuse and exploitation in addition to punishing the perpetrator. By enhancing existing child protection laws, we can better address the realities faced by children and teens” (Abbene 40). People are getting away with more and more each day it seems like and it’s ridiculous we are refraining from mending the problem. "To make laws more effective, they need to be uniform and specific to children. A few key legislative attempts to correct the shortcomings of current anti-human trafficking laws have been made recently" (Abbene 41). Not only do the laws need to be revised for the United States, but additionally this will improve securities
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