Human Trafficking Problem: The Sex Slave Industry Essay

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History books, novels, biographies among other things, have provided our society with proof of our evolution from animal-like demeanor to what we are now, a smarter more civilized species, or so we’d like to think. This leads me to reflect on a rarely mentioned subject, the sex trade proving once again that man sees vulnerability as an advantage; an easy opportunity to make money. Statistics published in the Sex Slaves article, indicate a substantial growth of trafficked victims worldwide. As many as 600,000 to 800,000 people are trafficked across international borders each year. The sex trade refers to the illegal selling and buying of human beings who are then either sexually exploited and/or used as domestic slaves. This gruesome…show more content…
Documentaries like, “Sex Slaves”, and “India Land of the missing children”, expose the true colors of this reality; this matter is painted as happy business where girls are free to come and go. Knowledge can stir up outrage and resistance among activist, victims and judicial systems. From beginning to end, everything to do with the sex trade is a strategic procedure. Recruiters entice young women with lavish promises of a better life outside of their small towns; little do these girls know what’s in store. Sometimes recruiters visit small underprivileged towns and do prior scouting before approaching a girl, but most of the time they persuade someone they know. Such is the case with Katia, a pregnant married woman from Moldova, who was sold into the sex trade by an old family friend. This individual, named Vlad, promised to take her to Turkey where she could purchase low cost merchandise for her mothers connivance store (Sex Slaves). The outcome for most of these girls, like Katia, are years of emotional and physical abuse. Treated sometimes worse than animals, enslaved prostitutes are too scared to say or do anything. A quote from the book, “The Traffic in Women,” cites a unique opinion from a freed slave, “every cattle, after hard work, has time to rest. When they fall sick they get medical care. But we are human beings. We feel pain and misery like other living creatures. Why did we let her treat us this way? The truth of the
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