Human Trafficking Should Be Stopped For Multiple Reasons

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Human trafficking is criminal activity in which humans such as men, women, and children are consider as possessions for involuntary labor or prostitution. Although human trafficking is thought of being a problem only in other countries, it is also a growing problem in the United States, and should be stopped for multiple reasons. Many Americans do not have to deal with human trafficking as a part of their daily lives and only assume that it happens in foreign countries or in movies. In reality this issue is already in our states and closer to our communities than most of Americans realize.

The federal government reports that 17,500 people are trafficked into our country yearly, and that these estimates do not capture the number of individuals trafficked within our borders each year (Black Daine). The thing that is the most shocking about this statistics is that the most at risk are the children. The average age for a girl to enter human trafficking is around twelve to fourteen years, while boys is from eleven to thirteen (Black Daine). Those groups include children who are ethic minorities, gay, and abused. Other children who could be accustomed to this life style are children who have been kicked out of their homes, being in juvenile detention, foster care, or those whose families are homeless.

When human trafficking began to be discovered in the Department’s Annual Country Reports on Human Rights Practices, that is when the United States Department of State began
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