Human Trafficking: The Fastest Growing Crime

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Within a day, anyone can be kidnapped and forced against their will. The global issue of human trafficking has several current problems that requires attention from most citizens. To start off with, human trafficking proves as the fastest growing crime around the world. Even when gun violence, theft, homicide, and murders occur, human trafficking rates increase every year more than an average crime. As a matter of fact, sex trafficking is recorded as the top trafficking issue, not only across the nation, but worldwide. One of the main reasons why such cases go unnoticed by the public eye is due to the victims believing that they are the ones committing the crime of prostitution. Even with traumatizing and petrifying events trafficked victims have to experience, no one could fathom or believe the fear they have of law…show more content…
Additionally, as of 2012, the International Labor Organization estimated about 20.9 million human trafficking victims worldwide, while approximately 1.2 million children are trafficked every year.
Human trafficking has the potential of occurring anywhere, even in unexpected places. Although vile facts about human trafficking is presented to people, citizens still assume that they are safe, since human trafficking does not occur near them, but that assumption proves as a false belief. Human trafficking happens everywhere, even in places where people do not expect. For instance, as citizens of New Jersey, some residents may believe the state is much more calm or even crime-free compared to other states, especially in quiet counties, but that is not the case. On October 24, 2016, a Trenton man named Brian Turner, was arrested for kidnapping a vulnerable, mentally disabled girl in order to sell her for sex. By forcing her to perform sexual acts with multiple unknown men, Turner allegedly earned four-hundred dollars of
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