Human Trafficking : The Illegal Act Of Trading Humans

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Nikki McMullen
Professor Kinder
ENC 1102 TH 2pm
Final Draft Human trafficking is the illegal act of trading humans for any type of forced behavior, such as prostitution or labor. It is estimated by the United Nations that four million people around the world are victims of human trafficking each year. This global issue needs to be better controlled by foreign and domestic cooperation and awareness. One of the most important things to know about human trafficking is the different forms. While sexual human trafficking is the most common and recognized form, there are also slaves of labor, marriage, and even involuntary organ removal trafficking. Examples of forced marriage trafficking include young women being purchased by sex tourists and
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Africa is one of the highest leading origin counties for human trafficking with 92% of sources reporting their region as an origin for trafficking victims. Western Europe is a frontrunner for being the largest destination area for trafficked victims, with 99% of sources reporting (Fowke et al 18-27). These are only a fraction of the areas with the highest amount of trafficking crimes, while in reality it affects almost every continent in the world.
Awareness is a necessity in the fight against modern day slavery. Out of the thousands of people who participate in the illegal act of selling or receiving individuals for forced behavior, only a small percentage of these criminals are prosecuted. The report “Trafficking in Persons Global Patters”, by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes states that in 2003, Lithuania only had 8 people convicted on trafficking charges even though they are ranked very high on the United Nations list of origin countries. Even though there are programs such as Global Programme Against Human Trafficking in Human Beings (GPAT), that are meant to shed light on trafficking, it is still uncommon that we hear about the human trafficking that goes on all around us. Many people do not think about human trafficking, because they don’t think it will ever be an issue where they live, as it does not often make the headlines of news reports. One of the most ideal ways to get information out about these crimes, is to listen to
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