Human Trafficking : The United States

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Human trafficking is a prominent problem within the United States that is often overlooked. The definition of human trafficking is, “Human trafficking - the illegal practice of procuring or trading in human beings for the purpose of prostitution, forced labor, or other forms of exploitation” (“Human trafficking”). People in the United States believe that human trafficking is a problem that occurs in other less developed countries compared to the United States. What these individuals do not realize is that human trafficking occurs on American soil contrary to popular belief. The United States is one of the top three destination countries of human trafficking and human trafficking is a top criminal enterprise across the world (“WEAVE, Inc.”). There are multiple types of human trafficking that occur in the world, but the most common heard forms of trafficking are sex trafficking, forced labor, and organ trafficking. Many people are taken each year and are enslaved into human trafficking. Women are the most affected and the average age is 12 to 14 years (“WEAVE, Inc.”). There are many common uses for humans that are being trafficked in regards to forced labor such as farmworkers to harvest crops, factory workers that are put through terrible working conditions, and put in homes as domestic servants (“Labor Trafficking in the US”). Workers that are victims of forced labor work for little to no pay and they often work long hours (“Labor Trafficking in the US”). The
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