Human Trafficking Within the European Union

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HUMAN TRAFFICKING WITHIN THE EUROPEAN UNION By: John Gomez Londono ID: 102229 Professors: Phil Eyre and Nick Taylor GRENOBLE GRADUATE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM JANUARY 7TH OF 2011 INTRODUCTION Europe had always been proud that slavery was eradicated here before than any other continent, unfortunately slavery has come back in even more repulsive forms that generate exorbitant profits, the human trafficking. We are facing a type of exceptionally dangerous criminal activity, which represents the third source of income of organized crime after arms and drugs trafficking. At the time that slavery was not classified by law as a crime, slaves were often sold on the market like fresh fruit. Today, human…show more content…
The favourable conditions for their proliferation are the existence of people to traffic, the growing demand of the "sexual market”, lax and ineffective legal regulation and the internationalization of criminal organizations. One of the main channels of action, which is none other than prostitution has become a lucrative business that according to the UN moves between 5 and 7 billion dollars annually affecting more than 4 millions of victims who are in semi-slavery, under the control of transnational gangs, suffering extortion, threats, imprisonment and suffering from a heavy reliance on organizations that exploit them. Sexual slavery is a booming business of great benefits, and victims are terrified and do not denounce offenders because this might cause serious problems to them or their relatives residents in their home country, as well as the expulsion from the European country where they are in. In the last decade, prostitution and trafficking in persons for sexual exploitation has reached alarming figures worldwide. The following figures give an idea of the importance of this issue: According to the UN report of 2009, people sold each
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