Human Trafficking and Illeagl adoption

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Human Trafficking weather it is Illegal adoption or just selling people is the largest growing trade. People don’t usually realize that it is going on because it is over looked or pushed under the rug. There are many people who help in recovering those who are trafficked.
Illegal Adoption usually happens in places with higher population of children like China. The babies involved in the adoption are usually from poor families or orphanages. The babies are usually sold by their parent to an orphanage then by the orphanage to an independent person who will then sell the baby to a couple in the United States. Illegal Adoption usually goes without being noticed because either no one questions the little to no documentation or information of
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There are many signs of human trafficking. Some signs include anxiousness, fearful or paranoid. Avoids eye contact. Tearfulness or signs of depression. Unexplained bruises or cuts or other signs of physical abuse. Not in control of their own finances. Presents with secrecy or unable to answer questions about where they live. Inconsistent details when telling their story. Has no identification such as a license, passport or other ID documents. Inability to leave their job or residence. Says they cannot schedule appointments. Being a recent arrival to the United States and does not speak English. Is under 18 and providing commercial sex acts? Or at any age unwillingly providing commercial sex acts. Is afraid of law enforcement or receiving help from an outside entity. When you get the chance to talk to them about what they are involved in make sure you ask the following questions. Can you leave your job if you want to? Can you come and go as you please? Have you been hurt or threatened if you tried to leave? Has your family been threatened? Do you live with your employer? Where do you sleep and eat? Are you in debt to your employer? Do you have your passport/identification? Who has it? Do not assume that anyone is involved in being trafficked because some of the signs are very narrow like being anxious anyone can be anxious. Make sure you really think that the person is being trafficked before asking.

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