Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation

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The United States - An Unsafe Haven Human trafficking is the trade in humans, most commonly for the purpose of sexual slavery or forced labor. The most common form of human trafficking is sexual exploitation which is the slavery of unwilling people for sexual purposes. According to the Federal Bureau Of Investigation (FBI) sexual exploitation is the most common form of modern day slavery. Although it’s a commonly talked about subject, media’s portrayal of the matter has led many people from the United States to subconsciously relate it to Third World Countries. Many United States citizens aren’t aware that it is very prevalent in America as well, if not just as common, more. America has a way of keeping it hidden by directing media…show more content…
On the flip side; although Human Trafficking is never taken lightly and it’s very unlikely that anyone not associated with the organization would support it, there are many people who believe that it is an inhumane act and that it only takes place in third world countries or “overseas” as well as many people’s belief that if a victim is over the age of 18 that there is no true legal allegations. “the terms “child prostitute” or “juvenile prostitution” are inaccurate and should instead be replaced with “minor victim of sex trafficking.” as stated on Human Trafficking In North Carolina, a webpage dedicated to answering common questions associated with Human Trafficking, proves that even though someone is a “legal adult” the act of sexual exploitation is still considered a crime. This is not to say that the doubts many people have about the severity of human trafficking are not logical, society’s lack of understanding regarding Human Trafficking leads many to believe it is not such a widespread issue by media manipulation leading people to conjure up preconceived ideas on the topic when they have not yet been shown the reality of the situation. The issue is also not commonly stressed in the United States because there are often

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