Human Trafficking and the International Sex Industry Essay

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Human Trafficking and the International Sex Industry

Human trafficking refers to the movement of persons across borders for forced labor, sexual exploitation or other illicit activities. Sex trafficking is the most lucrative sector of human trafficking America, Southeast Asia, East Asia, Eastern Europe, and Russia. The global political economy, political corruption, human rights, gender and ethnic stratification, and migration are all related to human trafficking.

In many developing countries globalization has brought masses of wealth to the elite at the expense of the poor. Consequently, many women of the poorer classes leave their homeland in search of opportunities for employment. These women are disproportionately affected by
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Siri’s family could not make a decent living under these neo -liberal economic policies. When Siri was fourteen years old, her parents sold her to a woman who had promised to find her a “good job”. The woman then sold her to a brothel for $4,000, leaving Siri to pay the debt. She was initiated into prostitution by the pimp who raped her. Siri was strong -wiled and resisted this oppression. After being abused by her first customer, she ran away. Unfortunately, a police officer brought her back. The pimp beat her and her debt was double from $4,000 to $8,000. Upon realizing that she would never be able to get out of debt, Siri stopped running away and tried to build a relationship with the pimp simply in order to survive.

Siri’s story illustrates the complicated dynamics of sex trafficking. Prostitution and sex work in general has become part of the global economy (Truong 1996). Some women choose to go into the sex industry while others are deceived or forced into it. Human trafficking networks usually use deception, coercion, or force to push women into sexual slavery. Some women migrate with the knowledge that they wil l be doing sex work while others are told they will be given legal jobs such as working as secretaries or housekeepers. Women often migrate with the intention of getting a non -sex job but then are forced into prostitution to pay off their smuggling debts (Kwong, 2001).

Many governments have long promoted s ex tourism as a way of
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