Human Trafficking as a Global Issue

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Essentially, Eaves points out that the issue of global slavery is not, and has never been, a large scale issue of the past, as so many would assume, it is a contemporary, large scale global issue which is startlingly and vastly present, with approximately 27 million ‘enslaved people worldwide, nearly three times the number of slaves traded during the height of the transatlantic slave trade’. Within this, there are approximately 800, 000 women, men and children trafficked globally each year (Brysk and Choi-Fitzpatrick, p.2), and approximately 187, 000 of these people are trafficked into industrialised economies like the UK. It is important to recognise that there are differing types of trafficking globally, including voluntary, involuntary, trafficking into labour exploitation and trafficking into sexual exploitation. However, for the purpose of this report, we will look more specifically into the vast existence of sexual exploitation in trafficking, considering the 85% of women and girls that are trafficked into prostitution and other forms of sexual exploitation worldwide.

Human trafficking is a global issue, existing in some form in every country of the world; with statistics showing that victims are trafficked ‘from 127 countries, to be exploited in 137 countries’ (The Freedom…
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