Essay on Human Trafficking in America

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Human Trafficking in America
Alexandria R. Bloom
Northmor High School
Human Trafficking in America
Thesis: Many people are unaware of the amount of human trafficking happening in America.
I. Victims
II. Location and what happens
III. Arrests, laws, and ringleaders
IV. Money
V. Escaping

Human Trafficking in America Many people are surprised to hear that human trafficking is not just a problem outside of America’s borders and that it is becoming more of an American problem as time goes on. With only trading illegal drugs in front of it, human trafficking has become the world’s second largest criminal industry. The numbers are only estimations because most human trafficking is done secretly
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In America the majority of humans targeted are females, both young girls and grown women. The adult women, most often between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four, are targeted, usually from different countries and then transported to America; however the young girls targeted come mainly from right here in America. There are also a small amount of males that are targeted and become part of human trafficking. Most of the males are young boys between the ages of eleven and thirteen, whereas the young girls are mainly between the ages of twelve and fourteen. The young boys and girls that are targeted are usually from bad areas in America, such as those of poverty. The victims from countries outside of America are also usually living in poverty and are lured to America on false promises of good jobs such as waitresses, nannies, dancers, domestic servants, and house cleaners. Once to America the victims are completely stripped of all of their belongings such as passports, money, and any sort of identification they may happen to have. After the victims are stripped of their belongings nearly all of them are drugged, and then told, as Roebuck says, that they have to “pay off their debt” (2010, n.p). of the cost from shipping them from their native country to America. At the very beginning of the process the victims are given a set of rules that they, as sex slaves, must obey. Some of the most common rules include: no back talking, no rude
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