Human Trafficking in Our Own Backyard

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Human trafficking is an important problem in world politics that is not currently receiving the attention that it should. This is a terrible practice that involves the exploitation of workers, violation of human rights, and the encroachment onto the body when human trafficking turns sexual.
Human trafficking is a huge issue that much is still unknown about. When we think of this practice we often think of the issue that only occurs overseas in poverty-stricken nations however this practice is very prevalent in our own backyards. And this is one of the biggest myths itself: trafficking does not always require the passage of transnational borders to be considered trafficking. Recently this issue has stepped more into the public eye when a sex trafficking scandal was exposed before the super bowl only two weeks ago. A fox article reported that children as young as 13 were missing and rescued by law enforcement as pimps had brought these children to New Jersey with the intent of selling their sexual services for money to tourists. In fact it is estimated that hundreds of thousands of children are at risk in the United States for this kind of exploitation. These statistics are extremely hard to estimate however because unfortunately, so many human trafficking cases still proceed without consequence. (Polaris project). It is also important to realize that trafficking occurs in many countries and not just to women or children. However the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

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