Essay on Human Trafficking in the United States

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Human trafficking is an issue that no one really wants to talk about. The media portrays this horrible crime as something that only happens in foreign lands. Americans do not want to believe that something so heinous could happen on our own soil. However when survivors of human trafficking come forward, people are forced to confront the reality that this issue is not that far from home. Some individuals still choose to deny that this is a real issue. However the facts make it extremely hard to deny that human trafficking happens on American soil.
The Super Bowl is one of the most exciting events of the entire year. Each year, fans spend hundreds of dollars to be able to travel to the city is hosting the Super Bowl and even more money
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1). Ms. Greenlee is one of the most identifiable survivors of this type of tragedy. Greenlee told Ms. Martin (2013), “ she was forced to go through anywhere from 25 to 50 men a day or she would receive unimaginable punishments,” (para. 3). Greenlee told Martin (2013), “punishments were beyond severe, if she was not able to go through the number of customers they told her to she would pay with beatings, multiple rapes by multiple men, or even worse they would force her to watch as they tortured one of the other women they had kidnapped as her punishment,” (para. 6). Martin (2013) reports that, “Greenlee, who was kidnapped at age 12, was part of about eight girls who were kidnapped by a group of men who injected them with heroin and sometimes handcuffed them to the bed,” (para. 4). The tortures that Ms. Greenlee faced are unimaginable. She is one of the few women who have been able to escape from that world and talk about it openly.
Even with accounts such as the one above (about the unimaginable horrors that victims of have had to face) and the testimony of how much worse it gets during big events such as the Super Bowl there are still those who believe that human trafficking is a myth. One writer named Anna Merlan (2014) writes very sarcastically, “it’s almost Super Bowl time and you know what that means: sex slaves, thousands of them, flooding into the area around New Jersey’s MetLife stadium to be raped by morally
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