Human Trafficking is Trading People without their Consent

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It can be done through recruitment, harboring and transporting. This is achieved by threat/use of violence, abduction, deception - simply for the purpose of sexual exploitation, forced labor or slavery. I believe that slavery must be abolished because it robs people of their dignity and human rights, it's not advantageous for them and it is an abomination to mankind. The very first form of slavery occurred 400 years ago, where the black africans were abducted from their motherland and shipped to do hard labour in American plantations. Many of us are lead under the deception that slavery in all its forms ceases to exist and that it is a thing of the past. Have you ever really pondered on the subject of slavery and it's existence? Well what if I happened to inform you that there are 29 million people now, being forced to do physically damaging manual labor for no pay whatsoever, but because it is a bonded contract with their "master" they can't ever quit, the only way they can end their suffering is through death. Their lives are made to be externally and internally damaging, they have no say in the conditions they work in or they will face severe consequences. This form of slavery takes place in places such as Asia and Africa, despite the shocking fact that no matter the circumstances it is undoubtedly illegal all over the globe and yet it occurs everywhere, everyday, every second…
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