Human Traficking and Female Sex Slaves

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Introduction Steve Galster and his team are in Thailand to help save thousands of women from being forced into sex slavery. Central Asia has earned millions of dollars from forcing woman and young children from being trafficked. In Bangkok, Thailand sex becomes one of the lucrative comities that many foreign men go for. Most of the clients are Middle Eastern men and they go to Thailand for sex and most women do the work willingly. One of the biggest well-known organizations that operate human trafficking is the Uzbeks. The Uzbeks hold their organization in the Grace Hotel, where there are a lot of Middle Eastern men. They lure women from their poor countries and promise them a good job, only soon to discover that they have been tricked…show more content…
What stood out What stood out to me was how many women are forced into Human Trafficking and how many little organizations are to help women in those situations. Annie Dieselberg has an organization in Thailand, where former prostitutes come in and try to forget their past by making then move forward with their lives. The Uzbeks have threatened her numerous times but continues to offer her services to help those women. In 21st Century Sex Slavery Dieselberg mentions, "These women do not know what they are getting themselves into, they can be murdered, ganged rape, and even abused.” Women end up going through a lot of other situations when being forced into sex slavery. What Did I Strongly Agree With I agree with how they are trying to stop the trafficking ring from taking these women and arresting them for their crimes. Steve Galster mentions how it is hard to take these rings down because the women are too scared to testify against their boss. There is a division of labor in the Uzbeks rings because they have so many groups and they do not know if the ringmasters are female or male. Even if it is a dangerous mission for Steve’s team, he is brave enough to help dozen of women from being trafficked. What Did I Strongly Disagree With What I disagree with is how many organizations are there that trafficked women into becoming prostitutes. Many women are tricked into Thailand because they thought they would get a better

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