Essay on Human resources

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Human resources

Human resources is concerned with the employees who work for the
organisation. Wise organisations regard staff as the most important
resources. Other resources include money, equipment, buildings, land
and, materials, however, if the employees are not motivated and only
do the minimum work that us requires, then all the money or equipment
in the world won’t make the business successful. On the other hand if
the employees are keen to do their best, are well trained and
committed to the aims of the business, them most organisations will be
successful, this is why employees or human resources are so important.

The main activities is the human resources function:

- The recruitment, retention and dismissal of
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Send the Job Vacancy Form to the Human Resources Department / Company
Administration Office. No vacancy can be processed without this

Ensure the Job Description and person specification are up-to-date.
Contact the Human Resources Department for advice / any assistance in
completing these.

Collate an information package appropriate for the post. This package
should include:

- job description and if appropriate, the person specification
- information on the department
- information on the Company
- terms and conditions of employment

It is important that this pack is carefully put together in order to
present a professional image of the Company, therefore out-of date or
poorly presented information is not suitable.

Discuss with the Human Resources Department / Admin Office /
appropriate Director the most effective means of obtaining suitable
candidates. The following options should be explored (in this order):

- Internal advert within the Company

- Examination of previous applications, or those held on file within
the Human Resources Department / Company Administration Office

- External advert within the job centre

- External advert in the local press

- External advert in the National…

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