Humane Society Benefits

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Although I love animals and would be devoted to take care and maintain everyone that gets dropped off at my house or is left abandoned, I cannot. If anyone enjoys the company of an animal as much as I do, a wonderful place to volunteer would be the Tupelo-Lee Humane Society. It is a very loving organization. If I was to volunteer I would need to know what the organization does, how to volunteer and/or what to do when I volunteer, and how the Humane Society benefits the community. There are numerous reasons why I believe that the Tupelo-Lee Humane Society (TLHS) is an amazing organization but one is for the reason that it has saved the lives of countless animals in the past years. If an animal is being abused or has been abused a bystander…show more content…
Every year animals are being mistreated, getting abused, and being left alone to die. When someone volunteers to help out he or she could save an animal's life. The shelter is not funded very much from the government to maintain their stability. They are having a tough time holding down the business, paying all employees, and housing and feeding every animal that walks through that door. That is why the staff is pleased with generous volunteers. On their website it states "However, TLHS primarily relies on funding from donations and fundraisers to help house, feed and care for the 6,000 animals per year who enter our facility" (About TLHS). Business hours at the shelter are anywhere from 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. on Tuesday's - Saturday's. If one decides to volunteer he or she has to be 16 years and younger with a parent or guardian's nearby, or he or she can be 17 years and older with no more than a parent or guardian's signature. Tasks at the shelter include: walking the dogs, interacting with the cats, cleaning their beds and laying out fresh newspaper, and as well as washing their food bowls/dishes. Also 'Save a Pet. Spenser a Pet. Name a Pet' is a great way to care for an animal if transportation to the shelter is out of the question. All someone would have to do is donate $75.00 for a dog or $45.00 for a cat; when doing so he or she will receive the honor to name the pet they sponsored. The money that person donated covers the shots that the animal will need and spaying/neutering the animal. If someone does makes the decision to volunteer he or she can call the shelter at 662-841-6500 or email them at If they also want to plan a trip up there the address is 2400 South Gloster Street, Tupelo, Mississippi
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