Essay on Humanism, Behaviorism, and the Cognitive Theory

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Humanism, behaviorism, and the cognitive theory Depending on how you look at it humanists, behaviorists, and cognitivists can be very different or very much alike. When looking at the three side by side humanists are the least structured, behaviorists are the most structured, and cognitivists fall somewhere in between. Each theory has its own ideas and ways of learning. Humanism believes learning occurs primarily through reflection on personal experiences. Cognitivism thinks learning occurs primarily through exposure to logically presented information. Finally behaviorism believes learning occurs primarily through the reinforcement of desired responses (Kramlinger & Huberty, 2003). Our society is very dependent on rewards such as …show more content…

Humanists believe that people are influenced by their self-perceptions and personal meanings attached to their experiences. The humanist theory helps to develop critical thinking, judgment, and creativity. They encourage to empower and take control over their learning processes not be just concentrating on the reward at the end They encourage people to look into themselves for the answers to their questions. Behaviorists believe the exact opposite. They believe we are solely the product of our environment, and by controlling rewards and punishments you can shape the behavior of another person. Humanists also believe in stimulating people though asking question to help them draw on their past experiences to extract lessons (DeMar, 2007). The cognitive theory also believes in learning from prior experiences. They believe prior experiences, knowledge, and expectations are key to learning (Learnativity, 2002). The cognitive theory has a great way of thinking. Many self-help books have been written on the cognitive point-of-view. They believe that by changing our thoughts we can change our mood, decrease our anxiety, or improve our relationships. By thinking more positively we can easily quit smoking, make more friends, enjoy our job, pretty much do anything we set our mind to. Their basic premise is, if we perceive the glass as half full rather than half empty, the world will look much brighter. And in a

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