Humanism During The Renaissance

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Humanism Through Works of Art During the Renaissance Wishing for a rebirth is wishing for an opportunity to achieve perfection, through rebirth one can not only correct previous mistakes, but also contemplate aspects of the world that went unnoticed in previous times. Literally meaning “rebirth” the Renaissance is a time period of discovery and reason, where the perspective of the masses went from a concern for one’s existence beyond death back down to earth to the study and the idealism of the individual. The Renaissance consisted of a period spanning from the 14th to 17th century where a time of war and plague came to a close, allowing the European population’s perspective to move away from simply surviving and towards living life to the fullest. According to the Saylor Foundation “The Renaissance transformed nearly all facets of European culture and society.” This allowed for resources to be spent on promoting and commissioning the arts as well as the development of new scientific techniques, resulting in a consistent theme of humanism throughout the Renaissance period. Humanism is characterized as the study of humans as unique entities among other creatures, humans possess a conscious and reasoning that marks them for great success or great failure at their own hand. It is this humanistic philosophy of human flaws that is the basis of Machiavelli's The Prince. Known as the founder of modern politics Machiavelli’s most memorable achievements are dedicated to
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