Humanism In Bhuli Pisima

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Incidentally, it can be reminded of a well known advice of Vivekananda to his disciples that India needs a holy man, who can inspire others to heaven by playing football than studying Bhagbadgita. India is a country where people are very much dependent on religious doctrines than keeping faith in the truth of hard work or ‘karma’. Too much obsession with religion only blocks the potentialities of a man’s creativity. It makes the women folk prejudiced and their counterpart aggressive. The Indian concept of Humanism, therefore, believes in secular thinking and stresses on selfless service, practice of which can remove all narrowness of mind and can ensure progress and development.
The story of Bhuli Pisima as the narrator illustrates is a subject that defies the charisma of power relations in any society that infect the sociopolitical practices surrounding the division-strategy. Selfless service and a deeply rooted sense of goodness make the narrator’s aunt, Bhuli Pisima, ever memorable to her. Bhuli pisima is her Pisi’s sister-in-law. A widow at an early age, Bhuli Pisima has wonder thirst. If she is eventually in a long distance train without a ticket and is asked to get off the train, she has no hesitation to spend the night on the platform. Wherever she goes, she builds a strong bond of humanity with the people around her. She uses to say, “People are so marvelous” (33; ch.6). Despite being directly affected by the violence of the riots, she never loses her faith in humanity. She often speaks about the philosophical
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Conversely, enemies of humanity also have embittered her experiences. She specially mentions Kanuda, Pachakaka’s son, Sonada, her relative and Naresh Karmakar, who always keep themselves involved in greed, lechery and
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