Humanism In Hukum Chand

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The description is, no doubt, powerful and penetrating in its minute details to finger more at the ‘wastage’ of human lives as a consequence of the riot. Human is exclusive with different shades of his emotions tinged with love, sympathy, fellow feeling. Emotion does not obey any strict rules and limitations of blood relation. Hukum Chand, the mighty magistrate calls the unknown dead body as ‘Baba’ (father) as he thinks it to be still alive. Humanism believes in a universal existence of man beyond the limit of biological and geographical borders. Love and compassion can bring man closer. In the Indian concept of humanism, it is expressed in the phrase-‘vasudhaiva kutumbakam’, the ‘world is our family’. Hukum Chand becomes devastated at the…show more content…
The writer specially describes an old man and a child who are brutally affected by the partition. The pose of the killed old man floating on the water can remind of Jesus Christ who prayed to God to forgive those very people who wanted to kill him. The dead body of the old man reflects a message of forgiveness for his killers, establishing the kernel of the Indian philosophies that only forgiveness and love can make the wheel of the human civilization move on. Violence can never give one space for victory. Even the dead bodies mock the cruel activities of the human beings through different gestures. The old man’s hair floats like a halo. The word, ‘halo’ implies divine light. The old age and the childhood- both are precious and honoured in Indian culture. Both are weaker sections too. The description of the dead body of the child creates nausea and shame among the readers. The bodies of the women, another weaker section of human society ridicules the ‘devil’ within man. Women are regarded as mother goddess in India and they are never treated as subject to physical pleasure only. The view of the massacre chokes all emotions in Lambardar and other villagers. The whole village look dead although no one has actually died

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