Humanism Psychology

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There are many different approaches to personality psychology. Each approach differs when evaluating the components of mankind and how they influence ones personality. In the humanistic approach to psychology, the main emphasis was on the individual itself. It focused on, “[identifying] personal responsibility and feelings of self-acceptance as the key causes of differences in personality,” (Burger, 2015, p. 27). The main goal was for individual to grow and better themselves until they had reached self-actualization where they unlocked their full potential. These theorists include people such as Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow. Another aspect of which the humanistic approach stems from is existential psychology. In existential psychology, the…show more content…
Throughout this article it was shown how life exists within meaning. “Man is basically striving to find and fulfill meaning and purpose in life,” (Frankl, 1967, p.140). When an individual is healthy and content with life, they experience meaning every day. However, once the meaning is lost Frankl called it “existential vacuum,” (Frankl, 1967, p.140). On top of this person having lost all sense of meaning, this individual is also unsure as how to act accordingly. Thus, causing the individual to conform, behaving in similar ways others do (Frankl, 1967). This article continued to then talk about how a therapist can handle situations like these. In this case, “meaning and purpose in life cannot be prescribed like a drug,” (Frankl, 1967, p.141). This shows how the therapist must guide the individual to help them realize the answer to existence. Similarly, this answer must found by the individual himself as each person exists with a different purpose or meaning to their life. These ideas fully support Frankl’s theory of logotherapy as he describe anxiety as result of losing the meaning to life. His theory also describes how, “therapy often emphasizes the freedom to choose and develop a lifestyle that reduces feelings of emptiness…,” (Burger, 2015, p.300). Since within the article he described how a therapist can only guide an individual as meaning stems from within each person. This statement also shows how each person is different and the meaning for one person may not reduce the anxiety for
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