Humanistic Psychology Essay

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The focus of this paper is the person-centered approach, which is the understanding of personality and human relationships in psychotherapy and counseling in the areas of client-centered therapy, education of student-centered learning, organizations, and other group settings. Even though psychoanalysis and behaviorism have made major contributions to psychology, it has influenced the understanding and practices of the humanistic movement, specifically with the therapies for the different mental disorders. Psychoanalysis understands the unconscious behavior, behaviorism focuses on the conditioning process that produces behavior. Humanistic psychology focuses on the person's potential to act as a whole person in a nurturing environment by…show more content…
It is important that the therapist conduct sessions in a way where they are showing themselves in the session without pretense. This allows a growth-promoting climate with the psychoanalysis of the client’s behavior. An important factor for a successful person-centered therapy allows clients the freedom to develop and control their own lives, rather than being tied to their past (Goodwin, 2008). This method also denotes and consists of psychotherapy theory and humanistic therapy where the concentration is on the present rather than the past, and the humanistic analyst tends to underlines awareness instead of being unaware. Both theories share a common method while patients and clients converse their feelings vocally and the therapist provide analyses.
In a humanistic therapy approach or a person-centered psychoanalysis, the therapist’s center of attention is on the conscious of the client to show their awareness. In this environment, such as the therapist displays realism, acceptance and kindness, as an effort in helping the client to openly convey their feelings. These types of sessions allows for information to flow between the client and the therapist in a humanistic genuineness, realness, professional and no façade way. The idea is for the client to freely express their thought and feelings to the psychotherapists so that in return kindness and acceptance is
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