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In general, human nature consists of three main parts: the mind (intellect), the body (biological makeup) and the spirit (emotional makeup). As the mind and the body are being well explored in behaviorism and psychoanalysis, the spirit of a person has been increasingly popular from the mid-20th century. In the early 1960s, a movement named third-force psychology started as a reaction to the defect of behaviorism and psychoanalysis to deal fully with the human condition (Hergenhahn, 2008). This third-force movement is humanistic psychology, which refers to the combination of the philosophy of romanticism and existentialism. Humanistic psychology instead paid more attention to each individual's potentials and highlighted the importance…show more content…
The major difference between existential and humanistic psychology is that the former views human nature as neutral whereas the latter views it as basically good (Hergenhahn, 2008). There is no right to determine which one is correct. I prefer believing that people at birth are naturally kind-hearted. No one is born for being evil, and I think the reason why a man will become evil is their experiences in nurturing. This reminds me of the Three Character Classic that is one of the Chinese classic texts. The first four verses tell us the core of Confucianism: human nature is inherently good, which is similar to the humanistic psychology in the Western country. This idea was written in the 13th century and has come down to us. Although there are many other opposite statements of human nature, I believe that thinking positively is better, especially for health.
When it comes back to existential psychology, the first person I want to talk about is Rollo May, an American existential psychologist. May (1967) and other existentialists emphasized the importance of freedom and life meaning. The dual aspect of human nature is that people exist physically in the sense and they also make the experiences meaningful by interpreting, valuing, and making decisions. In my opinion, people have the basic rights to make their own decisions. Because of the participation of humans, the tasks needed to be done become significant.
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