Humanistic Theories Debate On Abraham Maslow And Carl Rogers

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Humanistic Theories Debate
Team B – Anthony Garcia, Becky Billison, Cher Keen, Britanie McKernan, Megan Groulx
September 7, 2015
Dr. Sadie Fine

Humanistic Theories Debate
In the debate between Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers, both whom are humanistic theorists that share a mutual interest in the teachings of self-actualization, will discuss the specifics of their individual theories regarding the main points, their contributions, and the criticism they have received about their theories. We will begin the debate with a series of questions and give each theorist the opportunity to explain their point of view.

Cher/Moderator: What is humanistic and how does it apply to psychology?
As the moderator, I will define humanistic as a term used in psychology that relates to and carefully studies the whole person as well as their unique qualities. In essence, it looks at the individuality of each person and considers individual behavior to be directly connected to their self-concept and inner feelings.

Cher/Moderator: What has been the impact of the Humanistic approach?
We will acknowledge that the humanistic movement has been a huge influence in the development of psychology and has contributed various theories in terms of thinking about mental health. It proposed a new point of view to understand human behaviors and stimuli that led to the development of different methods of psychotherapy. In using the humanistic approach in therapy, the therapist begins with
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