Humanitarian Aid In Greg Mortenson's Stones Into Schools

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Humanitarian aid has changed drastically over the past decades. It started out as a volunteer need, to shifting in becoming a career choice. At first, the United Nations was well recognized for providing humanitarian assistance but now non - governmental organizations (NGO’s) are playing a role. The humanitarian aid initial focus is to act to save lives, reduce the suffering of any situation, and to protect human dignity. Humanitarian aid exists because Humanitarian actors cannot stand down, knowing someone’s in danger, human rights are being violated, let alone the right to a education is being taken away from certain individuals.
At a global scale, millions of children worldwide still lack access to education due to their economic status, gender discrimination, and tradition. Especially the regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan, girls in both regions do not have schools that are available to them. In Greg Mortenson’s novel, Stones into Schools, he makes change happen by building schools through a non-governmental organization he co-founded the Central Asia Institute, a nonprofit whose mission is to build schools with a focus on educating girls and promoting peace through education. He creates an environment for girls in both regions to have access to education and gain new skills. One of the book's themes is the suppression of women in these regions. Mortensen explains that the root of the problem was the Taliban because ever since they took over in 1993, they opposed many

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