Humanitarian Assistance For Humanitarian Aid

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These are just some ways that can enhance the conflict simply because the resources is there at no cost to the refugees. One key note to consider when trying to find a solution to this is that human beings rely on interactions and relationship to other people to help them make sense of the world. All of these mechanisms are a consequence of social factors. Therefore, it’s important to look for other responses that allow humanitarian aid to assist the people that need it and protect against escalating the conflict by having their resources support the militant. When militants take advantage of the humanitarian aid supplies, the intentions of the humanitarian aid is being used for something completely different from the values and principles of humanitarian work. Humanitarian aid workers intend to help feed the refugee, not feed the militants that have led to the outset of the crisis (Barber 1997). However, they can’t just categorize and fit everyone into dichotomies without crossing the neutrality and impartiality guidelines of the agencies. In all honesty, personally, it seems that everyone has biased and have their own expectations of the profession they choose to take and as much as they follow the mission of the profession, they still have their own individual faith and beliefs. Because aid is something that is free to refugees, workers may be frustrated in that they aren’t serving the populations that are innocent victims of the crisis. It’s extremely hard to determine
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