Humanitarian Essay

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Trianna Arreola Arreola 1
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February 25, 2009
Escape to Freedom

Imagine what it would be like to get hit in the head with a two pound weight by protecting another person. Harriet Tubman was born a slave. As a slave, she preferred working outdoors than in the kitchen. She also became known as the “Conductor of the Underground Railroad.” Without Harriet Tubman, she would not have inspired many people like Martin Luther King Jr. Harriet Tubman is a humanitarian because she helped over 300 slaves escape to their freedom. Harriet Tubman had many early life influences that motivated her to become a humanitarian. “Harriet Tubman found a job in the kitchen of a hotel. As soon as she had saved enough
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This shows that John Tubman did not share the same dream as Harriet or support her. This also shows why he marries another woman while not seeing Harriet for two years. When Harriet worked as a slave, she only ate what was left of the table crumbs and she slept and she slept on the floor (Sullivan 15). She stayed strong and she kept faith in herself. Staying strong and having faith would some day bring her to freedom. Although Harriet Tubman had many struggles, however she also had many accomplishments that made her a humanitarian. All the accomplishments Harriet Tubman achieved is what made her a humanitarian. All the escapes she made with fugitives, she had never lost one passenger ( Harriet Tubman always said, “Be free or die” to the fugitives that wanted to give up. Motivating is what she is good at. In the year 1849, she started her journey and left her husband. “On one occasion, she overheard some men reading her wanted poster, which stated that she was illiterate. She promptly pulled out a book and feigned reading it. The ploy was enough to fool the men.” ( This demonstrates how she can pull off close traps like this. During her escape journey she would also disguise as a man because she knew that people were searching for a

Arreola 3 woman. In the year 1860, Harriet had her most challenging journey that included her 70 year old parents ( This
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