Humanitarian Intervention : Legality And Effect On Sovereignty

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Humanitarian Intervention:Legality and Effect on Sovereignty
Annel Veloz
David Foley
25 Nov 2014
Humanitarian Intervention: Legality and Effect on Sovereignty

Humanitarian Intervention has been a topic of controversy especially in the last 100 years where the need for intervention has grown. The debate primarily being about whether or not humanitarian intervention is legal and what effect it has on a country’s sovereignty.After much research on this topic a conclusion was drawn that Humanitarian Intervention is legal, not meaning whether it was ethical or the right thing to do, but legally correct IF and only when it follows the guidelines set by the UN security council.
To begin it might be best to define what humanitarian intervention is, the definition most recognized being “the threat or use of force across state borders by a state (or group of states) aimed at preventing or ending widespread and grave violations of the fundamental human rights of individuals other than its own citizens, without the permission of the state within whose territory force is applied”. As more and more research was done most of the definitions were close to exact with this one even if they weren’t for it or against it since it is neutral and is the most exact definition of it.
Most might say that Humanitarian Intervention was a something that emerged in the last 20 or so years, one book points out that it emerged in the 1800’s where not only wars of “conquest and
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