Humanitarian Interventions And Peacekeeping Of The United Nations Security Council

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Ajaz Ahmed Khan
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PICT – 915 Humanitarian Interventions and Peacekeeping

Essay Question: It has been argued that the Security Council needs to be reformed. Analyse at least two major arguments in favour of reform and evaluate the likelihood of their implementation

UN SECURITY COUNCIL REFORMS, A NECESSITY United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is shouldering the responsibility of maintaining the peace and security of the world since its inception. Though UNSC has been successful in preventing the world from third world war, however, there has been a number of failures also attach to it like Rwanda Crisis and Syrian Crisis etc. It is commonly believed that UNSC is unable to modify, adjust
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This paper will focus upon only on two issues i.e. international legality of intervention by the UN on humanitarian grounds and the debate related to UN adopted and authorized policy of responsibility to protect (R2P) due to which unified agreement could not be achieved amongst UNSC members to carry out military intervention on humanitarian grounds to end Syrian crisis. First part of the essay will highlight briefly core spirit of the UN charter in light of stated four purposes and seven principles to ensure world peace. According to which Syrian crisis does not fulfill the prerequisites of an international crisis i.e. posing a threat to international peace and stability though the devastated crimes of human rights committed by ISIS has surely attracted the attention of international community. It will be highlighting the inherent weakness of UN charter i.e. absence of any clause to intervene on humanitarian grounds. In second part of the essay, UN mandate under R2P will be analyzed highlighting its vagueness and ambiguity due to which permanent members of UNSC could not develop consensus to react on Syrian crisis. In last part of the essay will future of Syrian crisis based upon the analysis of UN weaknesses highlighted in earlier parts as well as briefly touch upon the two models of reforms suggested by the high level report of UN panel on its reforms. Major function of UN (described in chapter 1 of its charter)
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