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A Trip To China Is What The Doctor Ordered Humanities 111 February 2 2013 China is definitely on the top of my list of countries I could only dream to visit. There is so much that I know I can learn if given the opportunity to visit such a great country. Even today, China is home to the greatest inventions and works in the world. They are considered to be much more advanced in technology and products than the rest of the world. We have many things today in this world that is all because of Chinese discoveries and inventions. From spices to material to gun powder and paper making, we have inventors of ancient China to thank. Gun powder, printing, paper making, the compass, porcelain, silk, tea and medicine are some of the…show more content…
Porcelain has a reputation, and gets treated as one of the most fragile and expensive materials money could buy. Anything that is made of porcelain is a real piece of art especially to whoever owns it. While reading an excerpt from the Seattle art museum online I found that the exact time and place of the creation of the first Chinese porcelain has not been firmly established. It is reported as early as 600 AD is when the creation of high fired ceramic wares was producing white ceramic material that was known as porcelain. Porcelain can take the credit for what was considered cross-cultural encounters for many centuries. They used porcelain as a vehicle for designs and ornamental motifs between Asia and Europe. Those little works of art have also influenced traditions in other countries that have been witness to the amazing artistic features of porcelain design. Having a very nice set of china myself, I now understand the reasoning behind protecting such valuable property. I would like to be able to see firsthand some of the masterpieces that may be roaming throughout the great country of China. It is safe to say that China has come up with many valuable contributions to this world. Tea is something I am always grateful for and I personally do not think I could live without it. Tea is the reason why I survive all the horrible sore throats
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