Humanities Event: Kinetic Art movement Essay

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Never in my life was I exposed to vast knowledge of different form of arts. I loved music and everything about it, but it wasn’t until I took Humanities class that I started appreciating movies from different cultures, literatures, and even arts and sculptures from different period and era. I decided to get out my comfort zone and make a trip to Museum of Fine Arts, Houston to explore and appreciated arts and sculptures from different part of the world.
After purchasing my ticket I first encountered arts of Jesus Rafael Soto. Best known figure of the Kinetic Art movement. I spent a minute or two trying to study his 1961 Barroco Negro (Baroque in Black) and 1956 Kinetic Structure of Geometric Elements. To my dismay I was unable to understand the meaning of his creativity, but I found his arts very fascinating. I say fascinating because part of his arts were suspended in space. One very obvious example of the “suspended art” was the Penetrables- immersive environments of suspended plastic strands. At first I was afraid to go between Penetrables, because I was under the assumption to never touch arts, sculptures or any display in the museum. But when I read the sign that it was okay to penetrate the penetrables and take pictures I was elated.
I moved on to my next stop, Arts of Islamic World. The minute I stepped in this room, I got the feeling of being in a mosque. The smell of incense, displays of Islam’s arts and sculptures was breathtaking. I took my time to explore…

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